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animal crossing stickers!!!!! tia came out the best *scream*

May 25 2014


God bless America

Jan 05 2014

linco wigs review



hi everyone!!! i recently contacted LINCO wigs and asked if i could review some stuff for you guys. they gladly accepted and i picked out a cute pink wig; about the size of my natural hair length, that i can wear for cosplay and everyday use. linco wigs offers affordable, high quality, handmade wigs.

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Dec 12 2013


Goku, we have to cook.

Dec 11 2013


hi !! i recently discovered and app thanks to tumblr user pizza called feature points. at first i thought it was a scam and would be hard to use like swagbucks and stuff like that but it’s actually really easy!!

you basically just download apps and get points for them, that you can use to buy apps that cost money (gta, ts3, ac pirates) or you can do the cool thing. and convert your points into amazon gift cards, x box points, and real paypal money!

this probably seems like spam/virus ( and that statement makes it sound even more shady ) but i’ve been using this with my friend kyra all day!! it’s really great!!  n v n )b

if you have 3k points you can buy $5 in paypal, for 6k you can get $10, 30k $50, and 60k is $100 !!

if you’re worried about being scammed or getting issues in your phone theres alot of opinions in the /feature-points tag here on tumblr!!

also, if you want 50 free points when you sign up use the referral code ” 4ZZ4XQ “ i’ll also get %50 extra of what you make from downloading apps too! so we’ll both get some money u v u. (example: you download something for 200 points, i’ll get 100. you still keep your 200 though! )

goodluck and have fun!

Dec 07 2013

Fantage is a fantastic age!

— (via miss-fantage)

Nov 16 2013


i drew kiki yay

pls dont steal this or repost thank

Nov 07 2013